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My Occupation

Im a Fury!, I work for Ares.... ;o> Seriously, I don't really work anymore. Ive been disabled since early 90's and had to quit working in 1994. I can't believe how time has flown. I came to the Xena board world thru Talking Xena in 2002, and move here with the Shippers in ___________(forget the year, 2003? I think?) I thought TX was great; and when we moved to XOC I found it was another TERRIFIC Xena site, with a group of nice, fun ppl. I was a bit shocked "out there" how mean ppl are to others and it sometimes is hard to have an adult conversation. Its sometimes hard to have a CHILDISH conversation on some of these sites. augh.

One of my all time - and I mean ALL TIME favorite SOAPS is Guiding Light, and that is another nice group of ppl-the Guiding Light Central message board. GL had some problems in recent years but they could fix that easy and I hope they do, instead of cancel her We've banned together to protest her demise as a group and have shown up in good numbers I only hope it helps. She has a lot of nice fans who would do anything for her and that are very nice to each other. Keep the light on!!!

My Hobbies

Xena, and Hercules... collecting 8X10 photos and other memoriabilia, love action figures :). I LOVE both shows and am still NOT OVER their demise. And obviously Im an Ares fan and SICK about what happened to Kevin Smith. Other TV favs Bewitched, X Files, Charmed, Buffy, Angel, Criss Angel Mindfreak. Love to read... love and collect Tonner Dolls, slowly. ;o) I luck into getting the ones I want for a real good price, nude because most of the time Im not crazy abt their outfit anyway. There's always exceptions. ;o) And I LOVE good movies.

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